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Yes!! Now & Upward!!

Where you are goingI have adapted the following from a passage from Brendon Burchard, the author and marketing guru.  I converted it to a personal affirmation claiming my aspirations and intentions.

Either I am going to become a successful writer, trainer, coach, and seminar producer to decide that despite the uncertainty and hardship I will never let up, to keep projecting my intention into the distance, always going to find a way to my Vision through any obstacle, until I end up successful… or I am going to end up with the angels for having happily exhausted myself trying to improve our lives and follow my dreams.

I am not going to waste my days meandering about or marching under the banner of other people’s rules.

I must change the situation and follow my dreams with more focus and intensity.

I will think bigger, to stop letting my small business make me small-minded.

I will honor my gifts and amplify my voice into the world so that I might make a greater difference.

I will not to worry about the critics and instead give my whole heart and effort to those who want growth and contribution in life.

I will continually expand my Vision for my life based on my current and always developing circumstances and competencies.

I will be evermore powerful, creative, and stronger than I had first imagined.

I will believe in my heart and my voice and my Mission no matter what, no matter how small it all feels now.

I will remember that growth and cntribution often come from those seemingly endless, fruitless days and nights of faith and discipline.

I have every reason to believe that I can one day live my dream as a writer, trainer, coach, and seminar producer.  My heart tells me it is my path.  My mind has invented dreams so real, that faith said all the struggle and the hardship and the toil will be worth it as I continue to make ever greater contributions to family, organizations, and self.

The journey to legend begins the moment my bias for ease and comfort is overpowered by my drive for challenge and contribution.

I will ‘keep working, keep at it, believe”!Start!

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