(Mission Accomplished)

Be all that you can be.
– US Army
Do all that you can do.
– Anonymous


Although thoughtful planning precedes success, planning that supplants ‘doing’ locks-in inertia.  Hoping is not a strategy.  Waiting for ‘just the right time’ is like eagerly waiting for the delivery man and then refusing to answer the door when he comes.

Remember:  changing your thinking is only the first step in changing your life.  Life changes only occur when we change our ‘doing’.

How you define Success has a large impact on your motivation.  For me, success has never been just a private victory.  Success always required lifting-up the aspirations, achievements, and well-being of others also.  How would it feel being the richest, most accomplished person standing alone on the moon?

Engineering for the greater well-being of others is the surest way to leverage for your own success.

Also as an additional endorsement of the wisdom of the Small Bites Oriental philosopher, Hang Sen, said,

Man who listens to wisdom of many masters takes shortcut to success.
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