(Flight Planning)

“The purpose of education is to know where to go, to learn what you need to know, and what to do with it when you find it.”
– Ron Hensley


“You are your own driving engine and you are your own brake.  You determine your own fate.  Study well.”  – Unknowneducation-4-copy

Most parents emphasize the importance of education for their children. As parents we are concerned that our children will have the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate tomorrow’s challenges – providing for themselves economically and socially






“Fortune or Fate are not made by waiting for them to come to you.  Plan and aim high.  The likelihood of landing where you want without planning is like winning a race without running.”
– Dad


Make sure that a large part of your investment strategy is invested in things than cannot erode in value – like education and relationships.

Remember that ‘hope’ is not a plan.   A Goal is hope empowered by faith and structured with a plan.  Hope, without these elements, has little energy to inspire or stimulate necessary actions.  The more precise the goal and the more detailed the plan, the greater likelihood that the goal will be achieved.

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