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Noah – The Movie: New Beginnings


I just viewed the movie Noah.  The mythical story about God destroying Man who had evolved to be evil and corrupted the earth.  It’s a story about new beginnings wherein a chosen man and family were selected to start over.  Noah created an ark to save mated pairs of every animal and to ride above a global flood sent by God.

The metaphor and the message were boldly portrayed through imaginative visual effects and human drama.  For me it was a powerful reminder that ‘new beginnings’ are always available and are the elixir of life.

How does God speak to me?  Continually I see and hear life-engaging messages.  Most are dismissed as visions and sounds of everyday life.  The meanings I attach to them vary, rise, and fall.  I feel that they become significant when these messages portray values of moving forward – regardless of current circumstances.  The impactful messages only point to continue taking actions to model behaviors affirming the importance of family, fairness, compassion, helpfulness, courage, and thankfulness.  What if like Noah I was ‘chosen’ and ignored the ‘calling’?  What if everyone of us is?

“The purpose of life is a Life of Purpose.”  Much angst is experienced in trying to ‘figure it out’.  In times when I experience clarity it comes from determining that there is no purpose other than moving forward with resourceful integrity and compassion without regard for what is currently happening.  Being useful in service to others feels purposeful.  The significance of Noah’s story is to listen, abide, and act on the messages that rise up from the inner voice that I connect to Truth.

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