Taking Charge!

Short editorial review (concise and straight to the point) – Mark White, counselling psychologist.

Improving your life does only partly rely on your environment. The biggest part must come from you. There are various methods you can use to work on yourself. One of those methods is by studying theory, and reflecting on yourself. If you think learning theory is boring, then this book will certainly appeal to you, as Wise Sage has transformed the boring stuff into Bite Size portions that are easy and fun to digest, and easy and fun to apply to your life. Start to make change happen by implementing these concepts into your life.

The prologue

In exactly 30 seconds, stop reading, pick up a pen and a piece of paper, and write down 3 things you love mostly in your life. 3 things only… Stop reading… NOW.

Turn around your paper, fold in half, half again, and once more, and place it on your table. Think. Was it easy to choose the 3 things you love mostly? Or did you have a difficult time?

I have done this assignment with 100’s of people who were wondering about how to improve their life. The majority of these people had a combination of the following words: wife, child(eren), work, dog. Almost nobody writes down they love themselves.

Do you need to love yourself in order to improve your life? You might say that “love” is too much, why not just “like”. Simple behaviour analysis shows us that when we care about something or someone, our dedication to that concept or person is much greater. That is why so many of our hobbies tend to eat time, as we care about spending time doing our hobbies. We love or like hobbies, and therefore we get better at doing them.

The same counts for our behaviour, our personality, or simply: ourselves. The majority of people have tremendous issues improving their attitude, behaviour, physical appearance, or even employable skills, for one reason only: they think they are not worth the effort, and therefore give up easily as the task seems to difficult.

Splitting large tasks into bite-size chunks make everything easier, as you can make small steps. That is why you chew your food, and paint a room wall by wall. So then why not use the same concept on improving who we are? It is impossible to change who we are or to improve who we are in one day. But working on it a little bit every day, will result in having learned new skills, which will result in an improved version of you. This is exactly what the Small-Bites series is about: chunking large personality-change projects into manageable behaviour tasks.

Let Wise Sage take you on a journey like no one else can do, and guide you on the path to self-improvement, one step at a time. What you learn today, can be applied to your life tomorrow, which means that you will already have improved by the day after tomorrow. It is as simple as that.

Go ahead. Buy one of Wise Sage’s ebooks, give it a try, and see the result. But promise one thing: do your best, put in full dedication, and apply the new knowledge with fidelity. You will not be disappointed.

– Mark White, counselling psychologist.