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What are your thoughts about how we can protect ourselves and in the process improve our communities and countries?  How can Small Bites assist you?

Vampires? Real or imagined?

What ‘blood suckers’ are actually among us?

–       Power-crazed, violence-prone despots

–       Politicians who claim to act toward community well-being but are all-out for self-advantage

–       Corporate leaders who use financial, political, and media leverage to push through self-benefitting policies that act against the larger public interest

–       Corporate raiders and short-selling hedge-fund provocateurs who manipulate stock prices for self-gain and in the process damage companies, products, and employees

–       Government bureaucrats who hold public hostage with delays and denials while pocketing unreported/unreceipted fees

–       Teachers with prejudices and/or incompetence that suck the energy and innovative spirit from students

–       People who claim that God told them they had the right and duty to judge and harm others

–       Any body who steals from or physically harms another for only personal gain; i.e., drug-dealers, human-traffickers, child-abusers

How do we protect ourselves from these blood-suckers?

Gandhi said that if we want to make the world a better place it has to start with us.

Virtues of honesty, civility, compassion, integrity, discipline, perseverance, and courage are not weaknesses to be exploited.  They are shields.  They can be learned and developed into effective habits to guide our actions.  The collaborative and collective actions of persons of virtue are the only effective bulwark against greed and corruption.

RSA – Positive Thinking

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1 Comment

  • It is true that if we want to make the world a better place it has to start with us. Yet, it could be a difficult task for us if and when others around us are not trying also to change the world to the better. As long as there are still ‘blood suckers’ among teachers, politicians, business leaders and those who preach hate (like anti gays) or use their own God as their tool to power or remain in power, it is difficult to have just peace in the world to begin with.

    To be a passive witness and let the world be swallowed by those who only care for their own benefits is too idle. Unfortunately the world is full of good people who do not care enough to get out of their comfort zone to change anything. The point is HOW to get all those good people to collectively do something good and effective enough to really change the world.

    * * * * *

    As for vampires, in Eastern Europe these are much more than a myth for them. Those who become unusually violent before their death (even during their last hours of fatal illness) are believed to become vampires in their after ‘lives’. Relatives still ‘have to’ hummer a sharp wedge on the dead’s chest before putting the body in a coffin to prevent such a dead person to enjoy the vampirehood afterward!

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