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Question: How Do You Capture the Magic and Potential of your Insights?

I’ve noticed that I shortchange possibilities by not pushing through to expand flashes of insight or creativity.  I will have an insight or new thought with its exciting charge of new energy – but too often I drop it after the ‘flash’ and fail to do the work of expanding it to more fuller discover or application.

Flashes are temporarily exhilarating.  They come in an instant without effort. Yet I am learning that their greater value is only realized when I do the mental work of asking and answering “What could this mean?”  “How might this apply to me?”  “What actions can I take to unleash and embed the new learning?”

Constantly bombarded with ’flashes’ I struggle with harnessing their greater potential power.

What strategies or processes have you used to capture and activate the power of your flashes?  Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.  – Jim

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