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Little By Little

by Brian Johnson

     The Buddha tells us that one becomes good little by little—as a water pot is filled with water, drop by drop by drop. (He also tells us that one becomes evil, little by little, drop by drop by little decision drop.)
Little by little. Drop by drop.
Little by little. Drop by drop.
After years of trying to fill my water pot ALL! AT! ONCE!, I’m finally understanding that my attempts to change everything NOW were like trying to fill a beautiful, delicate water pot with a fire hydrant. Rather than winding up with a full pot, I pretty much sprayed the thing all around the room (and nearly cracked it!).
Little by little. Drop by drop.
That’s the way to roll.
Moment by moment. Little decision by little mundane decision. Day in and day out. THAT’s where it’s at.

Brian Johnson, Chief Philosopher
P.S. Check out the mini-video for this chapter here!

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