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Become A Life Artist In 7 Steps – Law Of Attraction Meditation

by FinerMinds Team

Have you ever done a Law of Attraction Meditation? It’s kinda like having a double shot of manifestation espresso – only different, of course. Here’s one that’s easy, fun, and lets you be the artist and director of your life – painting your dreams and then jumping right into the scene. Give it a try and see how quickly what you want to attract comes rushing your way.

1. Go on a Rampage

Okay, first things first: to manifest something you want (as opposed to something you don’t want), you’ve gotta feel good. And the quickest, easiest way to do that is to go on a ‘Rampage of Appreciation’. So your first step requires pen and paper, and about 5 minutes (or more) of your time. Just start writing down anything and everything you appreciate. Even itsy-bitsy things like clean fingernails or a pair of shoes that fit. I’m not kidding here folks. The more little stuff you can find to say ‘wow!’ about, the easier it is to get on a roll looking for the bright side of mediocre and even annoying stuff.

2. Settle In

Once you start to feel your mood lift to a place of joy and positive expectation, get yourself comfy and ready to meditate. This can be in your fav chair, sitting like a yogi on the floor, or anywhere that you feel good and your spine is relatively straight. (Try to avoid your bed though. It tends to have the distracting capacity to put you to sleep).

3. Choose your Target

Okay, now start focusing in on exactly what it is you want to attract to you. Maybe its an experience, a resource, an opportunity or a thing. Warning: when it comes to other peeps though, you’ve got to honor free will. So if you want love, imagining the ideal mate, rather than a specific person, is key.

4. Paint the Picture

Now it’s time to become an artist. Create the image in your mind of some aspect of what you’re attracting to you. If it’s a new car, of course, you’ll get specific on the image and details. If it’s a home, you’ll literally ‘paint’ each room.

5. Put yourself in the Picture

Next, insert yourself into the scene. This means you start experiencing with your 5 senses. What do you feel, see, smell, taste and hear once you’re ‘in’ the picture? Get specific, break it down into detail.

6. Action!

Time to live the experience! Take the still-frame ‘shots’ of what you want to manifest and turn it into a movie. If it’s a car you’ve been drawing, start driving it. If it’s love, walk down the beach, hand-in-hand. If it’s a house, cook a dinner or entertain friends. Whatever it is, make it LIVE.

7. Send it with a Kiss

When you feel complete with this ‘movie’, imagine it folding in on itself like a beautiful heart (or whatever shape makes you smile). Then let it shrink down so it fits into the palm of your hand. Hold it there in your hand for a moment and then gently blow it off your hands and into the Universe, knowing that what you’ve sent forth will begin coming back to you.


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