“When the Going gets Tough – the Tough get Going.”
Taking Charge!

Leadership in Small Bites


Remember the saying by former football great Knute Rockne?   Count yourself in.

Reading this book will not cure anxiety, self-doubt, despair, shingles, halitosis, or get you a 50% raise. Acting on the insights herein may do all of these. Not knowing what to do is not near the problem as knowing what to do and not doing it. What if you were catalyzed into doing what you know to do and in the process learned more about what to do?

Small Bites could be this catalyst.

Small Bites is organized into the following subjects:


ATTITUDE                          RESPONSIBILITY            EDUCATION & GOALS

ACTION                                COURAGE                              ADVERSITY

SUCCESS                             SERVICE                               FAMILY & FRIENDS

SPIRIT                                  THANKFULNESS               

“More people die in the United States of too much food than too little.”
– John Kenneth Gailbraith

This is not true for these Small Bites!

The negative consequences of too little General Wisdom, Self-Knowledge, Education…Courage, Action, Responsibility… are starved personality, stunted growth, and forfeited opportunities.

Sample these Small Bites for yourself.

Leadership in Small Bites